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SWS2019_Markus Löffler에게 묻다

2019-11-29 14:20
“SWS2019 Markus Löffler에게 묻다”
연주제:  충격파의 미래  - 알츠하이머 편-

Q1-1. skull 이라는 barrier 가 있어 두개내 자극은 이제까지 magnetic stimulation 이나 tDCS 같은 전기자극만 가능했던 것으로

          알고 있습니다.

          충격파와 같은 mechanical stimulation 이 skull을 어떻게 통과해서 brain stimulation 이 가능한지요?


Bones are indeed absorbing some of the Shock Wave energy.

However still enough energy is passing through the skull.

This is enough to still have a therapeutical effect.

The good thing about the skull is that the energy which is not absorbed is passing through in a quite homogenous way.

Q1-2. 실제 에너지 전달을 측정한 데이터가 있는지요?


Yes, we have tested these effects in our lab with a representative test set-up.

Q2-1. 임산부나 소아 사용의 안전성에 대해 알고 싶습니다.


Pregnancy is a general contra-indication for Shock Wave therapy.

Among professionals there is a permanent discussion regarding the potential negative outcome if pregnant women are treated – especially if regions are treated which are far away from the unborn child, for ex Achilles tendon or shoulder.

However until there is no scientific proof that pregnant women can be treated, Shock Wave needs to remain a contra indication in this case.    

Q2-2. 특히 소아의 경우 성장판부위의 경우 영향을 줄 수 있다고 본 것 같습니다. 맞나요?


Growth plates have been a contra indication for Shock Wave therapy before.

Meanwhile we know that this treatment is not harmful.

Therefore treating children is not a contra-indication anymore.   


Q2-3. 임산부와 소아에게 부위에 따라 사용이 가능한지 사용이 일체 불가한지 궁금합니다.


[For Pregnant women]

Pregnant women are strictly spoken a contra-indication (for the complete body). However many doctors are treating pregnant women on their own risk on parts of the body which are far away from the unborn child.

[For Children]

Children are not a contra-indication anymore. So therefore they can be treated.

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